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This proven Step-By-Step Video Course reveals how you too can Start Building Your Audience TODAY!  Without the need for Facebook Ads, Complicated Funnels or Expensive & Time Consuming Tech!

You don't need a "BIG LIST" to Get Your Course or Membership Started ...  YOU JUST NEED TO GET STARTED.

What if I told you, that you can start attracting them even before you've built your course or membership?

Attracting Your First 100 Members: Just 
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The REAL REASON You Struggle to Get Members into Your Membership or Course

Think of any online expert or authority you follow.   Odds are, you admire them because they have what you want, right?  It could be that they sell out their programs the moment they release them, or they have a massive audience, or it's the positive impact they are having in the world.

But there is something else that they have that you may not have noticed, until now...  Have you noticed that they have an engaged list of the right type of contacts, who can't wait to buy their programs and courses the moment they open enrolment?  

So, the question remains: is it a coincidence that all these experts have that in common?

No!  But here's the thing ...  They didn't start out that way, and they didn't wake up one morning and find that overnight they had a massive list of engaged contacts who were begging to buy access to their programs. 

Instead, they employed a systematic attraction process to collect "good fit" or ideal contacts and they started doing this before they even had a program ready to launch.  

It's implementing this systematic attraction process in the right way that allowed each of them to become the successful online course and membership owners they are today, and it can do the same for you!

Because if you're like most consultants/coaches I meet, who want to launch an online course or membership program, you'll spend months with complete laser focused on creating your course content not giving your list of potential members/students a second thought. Only to be devastated when, after months and months of hard work, you find you're launching to crickets.

At that point you start questioning the quality of your course or membership and the unpaid time you spent writing the content!  Most give up at this point never to return.

And every single consultant/coach who gets stuck here - and stays stuck here - is making one of the BIGGEST mistakes that are guaranteed to keep them from building an online course of membership program that creates and impact and gives them the life they want.

And the worst part? They don't even REALISE they're making a mistake that is costing them thousands of dollars, countless months of wasted time, and a huge amount of lost impact!  Maybe you didn't realise this either - until now!

This is a mistake I want to help you avoid!

The Cold Hard Truth is:

If You Don't Grow Your List Before You're Ready to Sell, 
Your Course/Membership will Remain Unknown.

And Unknown Keeps You BROKE.

Show me JUST ONE successful course creator that you admire who doesn't have an engaged list of contacts  - that are ready and willing to buy their next course or program.


That's because they know what you may not have realised until now.

When people, including potential students/members, have a problem, they seek the SPECIALIST, who is front of mind.  And that's because the brain, to keep you safe, loves what is familiar and known.  It doesn't want you thinking too hard, or wandering off into danger.

If you've already felt the nudge to be a course creator, then that means you already HAVE what it takes within you to make a successful course or membership!

And just like I've helped other consultants and coaches to launch their courses and membership programs, NOW I want to help you succeed!


A Proven Method for Attracting Your Ideal Members 
before you start creating content!

Here is a peek at some of what you'll learn during the course:

01 Identifying What You Have and What You Need.

02 Understanding the Big Picture of the Member Attraction Methodology.

03 How to Avoid the Top 5 Mistakes Most Course Creators/Membership Owners Make.

04 Identifying Your Unique Attraction Model.

05 How to Break Down and Build the Elements of Your Attraction Model.

06 Testing to See if Your Attraction Model will Work.

07 How to Build Your Attraction Model Based.

08 The Most Effective Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Attraction Model.

09 Attraction Strategies to Get You Started.

10 Let's Go Get Those New Members.

Attracting Your First 100 Members Before Your Membership is Built!

Attracting Your First 100 Members: Just 
$297 FREE


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